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Spray Solution
Dudhi Gypsum Spray Solution is latest innovation for internal plastering system. This is a ready mix plaster can be directly applied on any solid background as Brick/Block and RCC substrate for ceiling and walls plastering. Specially formulated and designed Spray Solution having properties of Cracks free finish, Good Impact Strength and Durable. It is ideal for application in High Rise Apartments, Group Housings, Builder's Flats, Bungalows, Pent Houses, Office Buildings, RMI, Commercial
Technical Specification
Parameter Dudhi Gypsum Spray Plaster
Setting Time (Min) 60-180
Density kg/m3 720
Transverse Strength Kg/cmp2 22
Compressive Strength N/mm2 11
Coverage 13mm (kg/m2) 16
Ingredients Gypsum + Imported Aggregate + Additive
Thermal Resistance m2k/w/13mm 0.07
Gypsum Purity (%) 80-85
self life 6 months from the date of Manufacturing
Manufacturing In House
  • Longer Setting Material Provides better work ability.
  • Suitable to Machine manual application hence save time & Labour cost.
  • More material goes to the walls in less time.
  • Less man days required as approximate 50 to 60 % Labour Saving.
  • No water curing.
  • Greater Bonding.
  • Direct application.
  • Good Impact strength.
  • Economical.
  1. Mixing - Spray Solution is designed to work with pump spray machines. Simply open the bag over the machine hopper and the machine automatically mixes the plaster to consistent mix on demand.
  2. Spray - Spray Solution is sprayed to an even thickness. The first layer is sprayed horizontally and the second layer is sprayed vertically (known as aross-hatching)
  3. Flatten - After 5-10 minutes, the sprayed surface is flattened with aluminum Strip.
  4. Trowel - The surface is trowel finished in three stages. After completely material get set. The wall/ceiling is now finished. Once dry, the surface is ready for decorating with painting or additional treatment.
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