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Plaster Bond

No hacking no wire mesh no de-bonding ........go for Plaster Bond.

Plaster Bond is a bonding agent provides excellent performances to bond Gypsum based plasters on RCC background for internal plastering systems . It is specially formulated ready to use adhesive consists in organ resins, aggregates and additives. To eliminate roughening / hacking and putting wire mesh on Concrete surface, it is an ultimate choice to put a single coat brush/roller application which is comprehensive and safe solution for the Gypsum plasters. Available packing size in 1, 10 & 20 kg.

Technical Specification
Parameter Dudhi Gypsum Plaster Bond
Ingredients Regin + Aggregate
Solid Content 52.0%
pH @ 25°C 4.5
Background RCC
Coverage (m2/kg) 6
Colour Green
Soluble In Water
Subtainability (°C) 2 - 50
Self Life 6 Months from the of manufacturing
Text Results With Bond and Without Bond
Parameter Age Load (KN) Pull out Strength (N/mm2)
Without Bonding Agent After 28 days 1.45 1.45
Without Bonding Agent (Plaster Bond) After 28 days 3.60 3.60
Product Features
  • Excellent cohesive bond to RCC, Concrete and other surface.
  • Fine aggregate provides good mechanical bonding.
  • Eliminating hacking / fixing wire mesh for plastering on direct RCC surface.
  • Higher coverage.
  • Ready to use nothing to be added at site.
  • Due to green colour it is easy to identify the covered area during application.
  • Easy application by Brush/Roller.
  • Plaster application can begin immediate drying the coat.
  • No post/pre- curing is required.
Tips to Use
  • Ensure the substrate is free from dust, wetness and mould oil.
  • Use wider paint brush/roller and clean them before and after application.
  • Stir well before use the adhesive as the aggregates should mix properly.
  • Apply the coat as the aggregates spread uniformly.
  • Allow to the coat dry thoroughly (Aprox. 24 hours) before plastering work starts.
  • Coated surface should be plastered within 10 days .
  • Recommended Dudhi Gypsum Brick Solution range of plasters
  • with this adhesive for RCC surface.
  • Do not add water.
Step 1:
Open and stir
the contents
Step 2:
Apply with a
paint brush
Step 3:
Dry for 24 hrs. Surface
ready for plastering
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