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Brick Solution 95
Brick Solution 95 is developed by Dudhi Gypsum Pvt. Ltd. to enhance range of Gypsum plaster and present a quality product to the internal plastering System. This plaster is Gypsum based ready mixed one coat application product which can be applied directly on brick/Block walls and concrete ceilings. It eliminates sand cement and POP application both. Specially formulated having an unique single product can able to provide extra-ordinary features are more coverage, smooth & high quality finish,
Technical Specification
Parameter Dudhi Gypsum Brick Solution 95
Setting Time (Min) 22-28
Density kg/m3 700-730
Transverse Strength Kg/cm2 22-30
Compressive Strength N/mm2 3-6
Coverage 13mm (kg/m2) 12.5
Ingredients Gypsum + Perlite + Additive
Thermal Resistance m2k/w/13mm 0.07
Gypsum Purity (%) 80-85
Shell Life 6 Months from the date of Manufacturing
Manufacturing In House
Application Methodology
  • Always mix powder to water not water to powder (1 part of water: 2 part of Plaster)
  • Background should be thoroughly brushed with broom to remove dust and mortar.
  • Recommended to pre wet surface before application.
  • The surface to be plastered prepared with bull mark / level strip properly to maintained correct line level and right angle of the room.
  • To fill the plaster paste through Trowel and finally polish with a thin slurry coat to achieve smooth aesthetics surface.
  • Fixing and Fittings of all kind services should be done before proceeding to plaster.
Step 1:
Level mark on wall
Step 2:
Filling plaster material
Backed by Superior Service
  • Technical Service team offers regular site training to use tools and technology to improve productivity.
  • Intermediate site inspections and feedback.
  • Recommended trained application Team.
  • Largely distributed manufacturing capacity.
Testing Standards
  • Confirms to IS 2547 (Part 1)-1964 for physical characteristics
  • Confirms to IS 2547 (Part 11)-1976 for physical characteristics
Step 3:
Thin slurry coat for finishing
Step 4:
Ready surface for painting
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