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Brick Solution
Brick Solution is a pre mixed single coat plaster which is eliminates sand cement and POP application. It is recommended direct application on to the normal backgrounds like bricks, blocks and concrete surface. Apart from providing smooth, high quality finish to internal walls and ceilings, it attains early strength, requires no post water curing and is free from shrinkage cracks.
Brick solution plaster consists of Gypsum hemihydrates formulated with special additives to enhance working and setting characteristics. It contains light weight aggregates to improve plasters workability
Technical Specification
Description Dudhi Gypsum Brick solution
Setting Time (Min) 20-28
Density kg/m3 750-770
Transverse Strength Kg/cm2 22-30
Compressive Strength N/mm2 3-6
Coverage 13mm (kg/m2) 14
Ingredients Gypsum + Vermiculite + Additive
Thermal Resistance m2k/w/13mm 0.07
Gypsum Purity (%) 80-85
Fire Resistance Non-Combustible as per BS 476: Part 4:1970
Shelf Life 6 Months from the date of manufacturing
Description Sand Cement Plaster Dudhi Plaster (P.O.P.) Dudhi Gypsum
(Brick Solution)
Direct Application
Yes no Yes
Line & Level no Yes Yes
Time Saving no no Yes
Smooth Finish no Yes Yes
Quality Assurance no Yes Yes
Water Curing Yes Does not Require Does not Require
Shrinkage Cracks Yes Does not Appear Does not Appear
In-House Manufacturing no Yes Yes
Consumption of Material in Various Thickness
Parameter Thickness in mm
Thickness in mm 11- 15 16-20 20-22 23-25
Consumption Per Sq. Ft. 1.300 Kg. 1.600 Kg. 1.900 Kg. 2.000 Kg.
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